Friday, December 3, 2010

Peter & Margaret

The group just returned from our very last choir practice with Peter and was such a bittersweet afternoon. Peter and Margaret are a British couple who live directly down the mountain from Le Prieure. They decided to retire in France about ten years ago; they keep busy by working for a bike company, guiding tourists with the best routes around the Pyrenee Mountains.

Every Friday afternoon in Ambialet, Peter and Margaret have invited the Saint Francis students to their home for choir practice. Margaret does an excellent job of teaching us the hymns for the upcoming Sunday Mass (which has greatly improved my French) while Peter plays the guitar. After we do our best singing all the French hymns, Peter and Margaret treat us to a traditional English afternoon tea (I've since decided that Earl Grey+a splash of milk is my favorite).

If I had to pick one thing that I've enjoyed most about living in Ambialet, it's probably having been given the opportunity to get to know such a darling couple. Peter and Margaret have always happily welcomed our group into their home--even when we were complete strangers. I greatly admire their kindness and think that the world would be such a better place if there were more people living in it like Peter and Margaret.

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