Monday, September 27, 2010

The Fete

Cheers to the beginning of another week in Southern France! It's hard to believe how fast the weekend went by. I didn't make it to Albi on Saturday like originally planned, but that was all for the better. While having our tea and biscuits with Peter and Margaret on Friday afternoon, the students were invited to join them in the quaint town of Sainte Michel for a "fete," or town festival!

It was explained to the group that each village holds a fete at least once a year, normally during the summertime when it's warm outside. It was obvious that Peter and Margaret are fete veterans because they even brought their own silverware to use instead of the plastic cutlery given to everyone else. There was a band, food with recipes that Saint Michel has been making since the beginning of time, and plenty of vin de table. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to spend every summer fete-hopping!

The picture above is one with my aligot and I. Aligot (pronouced: "ally-go") is an infamous potato and cheese concoction that has been served in Southern France for hundreds of years. Each town has their own special recipe, which was originally fed to pilgrims passing through the area. The people began cheering and clapping when the aligot was brought out; I learned that it is certainly not a food for the faint of heart.

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