Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mad Lib: Tuesday in Ambialet

Instructions: Grab a piece of paper and a pen/pencil, jot down the first idea that comes to mind for each of the numbers below (without looking at the story beneath the picture), and then complete the story by filling in the blanks!

1. feeling
2. way in which a person can get from one place to another
3. letter
4. wild animal
5. adjective
6. adverb
7. adjective beginning with the letter "A"
8. verb ending in "ing"
9. number
10. color

I wake up around 8 am, feeling 1.___ and ready to start the day. I 2.___ downstairs to eat my petite dejuener before heading to French class at 9. After learning that I got a 3.___ on my last French quiz, I look forward to lunchtime. The lunch bell rings around 12:30; I go to the dining room to find that Bernard has prepared 4.___! Somehow, it tastes 5.___. After lunch, I 6.___ remember that it is Team A: Team 7.___’s turn to do the dishes. We wash the dishes quickly so that we can spend the rest of the afternoon 8.___. We finally eat dinner around 7:30, staying at the table to talk for hours because everyone drank 9.___ glasses of 10.___ wine. Then it’s off to bed until the next day in Ambialet begins!


  1. Love it! Other than the fact that I put down Awesome as my 'A' adjective, because we all know that team 'B' (bad-ass) rocks! (:

  2. Someone took the time to do it...woohoo! But our team is still better :P