Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

When 10+ people in one place drink wine with their dinner on a nightly basis, it's not too difficult to build a nice collection of wine bottles. As such, I was inspired (by an online crafts blog) to build a Christmas tree out of wine bottles awhile back. Few people in the monastery believed that this would actually happen; I'm just here to show you the pictures:

It took Gabe and I about six hours to put the whole thing together today. Using only a picture for reference, I am so glad that our project ended successfully. Once we were able to figure out how to build a sturdy base (a broken chair, a square piece of metal, 2 screws, and some nails are all you need) the rest just seemed to fall into place. Now we'll have a tree when so many of our friends back home go to pick one out the weekend following Thanksgiving! But who needs to chop down a tree when you can just recycle one?

Cheers to the upcoming holiday season!

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